Clash Royale is one of the most famous games where you can see the characters of the clash of clans. It is a strategic game where you need to have a strong troop and powerful cards. Here in this game two clans will clash with each other and try to break the towers of the opponent. There will be a time of 3 minutes within which you need to destroy the middle tower. But you won’t be able to control the movement of the troops and they will attack everything that they will find in front of them. There will be resources like gems, gold etc. Gems are considered to be the most vital as it can help the player to fasten the training as well as help you to buy expensive items in the game, which is why it’s indicated to cheat clash royale for gems. And with gold you can buy the cards and play the right card at the right time is the most important thing in this game.

Troops present in Clash Royale

Tank-killer: Here in this class you will see the ability to kill the tanks as they can cause high damage. In every deck, at least 1-2 cards are important for increasing the defense. Some of them are the mini P.E.K.K.A, Bomb tower, Tesla, skeleton army, Inferno Tower, Night witch etc.

Golem-Tank: This class has the troops that are having high HP. When they will play in tournament standards they have the HP of near about 2000+. They are great when used as the win-conditions. They will mainly aim in acting like a shield by absorbing all the damage caused by other troops. Some of them are Giant, Lava Hound, and Royal Giant etc.

Baby Dragon Splash: This class is the house of the entire AOE. They are great when it comes to dealing with damage and if you can use them properly then it will provide more benefits.Try to keep at least one troop of this kind. Some of them are a BabyDragon, Princess, ice spirit, Executioner etc.

Musketeer Glass Cannon: As these troops have a very low HP so you can easily kill them just like the glass. But still they can cause high damage and when paired with canon it can destroy your opponent entirely. Some of them are a wizard, night witch, flying machine, bandit etc.

Minions Air Troops: This is the class that has high powers. The troop on the ground won’t be able to cause any harm to them. You should keep at least one of them in your deck. Some of them are Lava Hound,Minions, Inferno Dragon, bats etc.

You should keep upgrading the troops to make them stronger and to make them bear more damage. When you will see that your clan is losing the war then you can deploy all the troops to destroy them quickly. Make a troop or army by including warriors of all type both weak and strong and ground and aerial. And team these troops with bombs or canons to create a major impact.

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