Games similar to Bullet force are very rare because it has that modern warfare with First person shooter experience and this game is played entirely online where you will be competing with other players. One of the interesting parts of this game is it has been made by an 18-year-old Lucas Wilde you just passed the high school. It is not only a very fine game but playing this game requires a lot of strategies otherwise winning it is pretty much impossible.

This game was made by using the Unity platform by the teenager and this game is quite solid. It includes different types of general modes along with maps and several scenarios like a prison and offices. Playing this game in multiplayer mode is the best part of this game and you can easily play the Control conquest, death team match and several other game modes are also provided to the user. The matches will consist of 20 people and this game is full of fun. If you’re looking for the best experience in the game of the firstperson shooter in your mobile phone then you should definitely download it now.

People played this game for a very long time and the visual of this game have dramatically upgraded itself and now the game will feel even better. This game’s developer got a scholarship for attending the conference of Apple. It also shows that how the unity platform can be used for developing excellent games like Bullet force.What is this game all about?

So this game is basically a shooting game that will require you to make use of several weapons and kill your enemies. You will have to play in teams and perform several body shots and headshots for attacking your enemies. This game is quite fun because most of the people fail to plan strategies and play aimlessly only to get themselves killed.

As it is quite tough to survive in this game for a long time, so it has made people more addicted to this game. You will be using various kinds of weapons like an assault rifle, snipers as well as a grenade that will help you to win this game. You will have to collect the silver and spend it on purchasing anything in this game.

For proceeding in this game quickly you can also use the bullet force hack that are available in the online market.

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