To really get your heart rate pumping and lose weight without going to the jump, Nintendo’s Wii game system may have the fitness program for you!
There are many benefits to getting and staying in shape. Not only do you reduce your chances of many diseases that plague us, exercise can improve your overall quality of life by keeping you mentally and physically fit. However, many of us prefer to workout with someone or needed an added incentive to keeping up with a steady weight loss and exercise regimen.

Well, the solution has arrived! Now, you can bring the gym home and workout in the convenience of your living room in an exciting, robust fashion unlike any time before. Video games permeate our society, so why not get some added benefit from your leisure time? The new Nintendo Wii is an ideal machine that will allow you to exercise your body in more ways than one.

The Nintendo Wii is the ultimate gaming machine. With a wireless remote, Wii is the game geared towards the entire family. There is something for everyone! Nintendo revolutionized the gaming industry with this fantastic machine that allows everyone to play their favorite board games, traditional favorites like Mario and Pokemon, and now even allows you to get in shape while playing.

So why else would the Wii be a great way to get in shape? Well, it will rile your competitive spirit in a way unlike any other fitness and weight loss program. You can get your friends and family to join in and compete against each other to reach your weight-loss goals. The newest accessory, Wii Fit, a balance board, allows you to track and monitor your progress against others and encourages you to do varied workouts. You can play such sports as baseball and soccer, while doing more traditional activities that you may have stopped as you got older, such as hula hooping.

Wii Fit even has a built-in scale for monitoring your weight and will calculate your BMI. This exercise game uses a balance board and includes varied activities such as yoga, push ups, and other exercises.

Wii Fit offers something for everyone! The features include:

(a) Yoga exercises including deep breathing and different standing and posture techniques.

(b) Strength training workouts that combine leg and arm exercises such as leg extensions and lifts and triceps extensions.

(c) Aerobic activities include jogging, step aerobics, and boxing.

(d) There are also balance games such as ski jumping, soccer, balancing and focusing.

So if you want a great way to have fun without “counting calories”, the Wii Fit might be right for you!

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