Mobile Legends Bang Bang is basically an action game which is played online in multiplayer modes with other players all around the world in real time. This game was developed and released by a company in China called Moonton. The game Mobile Legends Bang Bang was first released in the Android platform and after it became very much popular it was also released for iOS platform. The game mobile legends are available free of cost in both Android and iOS application stores and players can simply download them and start playing with their friends.

The main objective of the game Mobile Legends is to destroy the enemy tower and also make sure that enemies are not able to destroy your towers. Killing enemy heroes are also one of the objectives. Generally, in a match, a player will only be able to play with one hero. Players will be given an option to choose their heroes at the beginning of every match, you can unlock every hero if you use a mobile legends hack. The game Mobile legends are designed in such a way that the players are able to get the help of artificial intelligence when they are playing which increases their chances of winning on every battle.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game Modes

Mobile Legend Bang Bang basically has five different game modes which include the following:

Custom Mode– This is basically the mode where players play against bots. In this mode, the player fights with the artificial intelligence of the game. In this mode, players can play against up to 5 bots.

Human vs Artificial intelligence- In these mode 5 humans play a match against 5 artificial intelligence bots. The gameplay of the bots is depended on the difficulty level set by the player. In this mode, players can invite up to 5 players.

Brawl Mode- This is a mode where 5 human players go against 5 human players and the characters are allotted to the players on a random basis.

Ranked Game– This is basically a mode where players generally play with players who are from the same rank or are playing with the same hero.

Match Up Mode– This is a simple team vs team match with 5 players in each team

The game modes which are available in Mobile Legends Bang Bang right now are very much interesting and this game has an option for all types of players. Right now the best way to spend your time off is to play Mobile Legends on your phone.

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