The average gamer will play something, enjoy it or hate it then either move on or keep playing it. We on the other hand usually talk about it, trying to convince others what you found awesome or terrible about certain games. We don’t get paid for our opinions but for some odd reason, being on this site for a while converts us into critics.
I remember a thread in the forums where the OP was talking about how his younger brother was into movie-licensed games. He had started the thread because he wanted advice on how to persuade his younger brother that movie games were bad and that he shouldn’t buy them. I think the game in question was Iron Man but he wanted negative feedbacks about the game cause he didn’t want his younger brother to play it.

That thread made me think about how perhaps, being so critical of games just isn’t good sometimes. If his younger brother liked movie games and enjoyed them, then why the hell not? Let him enjoy it. Not every gamer judges a game by the quality of the texture work or by how terrible the voiceovers are. We are consumers, gamers; we’re not supposed to be critics.

It’s often hard for me even to get away from that critic mindset but I often realize what I’m missing out on when I become so critical of games. I make a lot of reviews for GT and sometimes, it’s just a chore to talk about all the technical flaws of a game when I enjoyed it so much and other times, it’s rather tedious to try to beat the game that I’m not having that much fun with just because of the game’s world-renown merits.

I remember when I was a little kid and I played games just to enjoy them. I look back on the games I played and I automatically become a critic, thinking that it has stiff animations, that its story is too derivative, and that its controls are too simple or whatever but then I realize that as a kid, I never cared about any of those things. I had a fun time with games that every review magazine and website criticized as being sucky. I was not a critic when I was a kid; I was just a happy consumer who had too much time to kill.

I realize that I now will never ever be able to not be a critic on games I play but I think it’s always good to remind myself that no matter the flaws of a given game, they were made to be enjoyed so even while I’m critical I should just relax and enjoy it. Gaming costs a lot of money and it’s no good when you end up using that money to just end up grumpy and upset.

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